e h t h e l e

Captivating realm of radiance and grace


Embody the elegance, avant-garde and sensuality of the modern woman and man.


Ehthele – derived from the Elvish word ehtelë (‘fountain’, ‘origin’) –  upholds the traditions of excellence that define the art of fine jewelry and is committed to making every one of our jewels not only elegant, beautiful and unique but also meaningful. 


Where it all begins

For Saskia Díaz and Javier Méndez, the forgers of Ehthele’s creative process, it all starts with the unique silhouette of our isotype as a starting point.

Each line and shape is meticulously examined to evoke the essence of our brand.

The materials chosen – always noble and exceptional – are gold and diamonds, which infuse our creations with life, personality, freshness and a unique approach.

Between conceived and revealed

Once the initial sketch takes shape, we make the leap into the three-dimensional dimension, and this is where the magic really happens.

There is a fascinating interplay between what we imagine and what the design reveals as we build it.

Details and nuances that did not find their place on paper emerge out of nowhere, enriching the work in progress, as if the design itself is leading us in a creative conversation, revealing its secrets and revelations as we explore its 3D forms.

Emerging from our hands

In our workshop, a team of artisans fuses manual skills and technological precision to create jewelry that boasts an exceptional finish in every detail. Each piece that emerges from our hands is a tangible testimony of beauty, authenticity and passion.

But not only that, at Ehthele we have a focus beyond aesthetics. All diamonds that are part of our creations are lab-grown diamonds, offering socially and environmentally conscious women the opportunity to own exclusive and guilt-free diamond jewelry.

As a promise of quality, all our diamonds above 0.5 ct are certified and graded by an independent gemological laboratory based on the internationally recognized criteria commonly known as the 4Cs (Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight).